Calgary HypnoBirthing: Jenn Price-Jones

Suggested Reading

"Birthing from Within" , England, Pam: This book focuses on emotional and spiritual preparation for birth delivery. Also included are some wonderful projects couples can do together. Unfortunately, there are sections on pain in delivery. Since most HypnoBirthing mothers experience little or no pain it's best to just gloss over those chapters that emphasise it.

"Birth Without Violence", Frederic LeBoyer, Sears and Sears: Great photos of babies born using this method - with eyes open, tranquil but alert; great information on how to make delivery easier for your baby. This classic has been reprinted many times.

"Childbirth Without Fear", Dick-Read, Dr. Grantly - (Re-Print, now on Ebay at $10 & up.) This is the book that started the whole natural childbirth movement. Written in 1944, Doctor Dick-Read emphasised muscle relaxation and breathing techniques, and was "way ahead of his time". According to Dick-Read, "childbirth is not inherently painful, difficult, or dangerous, but our fear can make it so...."

"A Child is Born: The Drama of Life Before Birth" (Can/USA - a.k.a. "The Everyday Miracle: A Child is Born" in the UK) , (1967) Nilsson, Ingelman-Sundberg, Wirson: great inter-uterine pictures of the development of unborn fetus from the first month until birth.

"The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth", Kitzinger, Sheila: A comprehensive guide to pregnancy and childbirth, also fully illustrated with photographs. Like "Birthing From Within" (see above) this book has sections on the pain of childbirth that aren't applicable to mothers-to-be who chose HypnoBirthing. Author also has several other birthing books.

"HypnoBirthing: A Celebration of Life", Mongan, Marie: Marie Mongan is the creator of the HypnoBirthing Program. As the basic text and study guide for the course, the book covers all the basics of HypnoBirthing. The enrollment fee for Jenn Price-Jones' HypnoBirthing Course includes a copy of this book, as well as a CD.

"Spiritual Midwifery", Gaskin, Ina May: This book contains lots of general information, but also has many birthing stories illustrating how each birth is a very individual event. "Spiritual Midwifery" affirms how you too can look forward to your delivery being uniquely yours and not following any mold.

"Through the Open Door", Hogan, Kevin, and Mary Lee Lebay: This book on self-hypnosis covers a wide range of topics, including childbirthing.

"Ina May's Guide to Childbirth", (2003) Gaskin, Ina May : Lot of birthing stories and practical advice, including how to create a safe, comfortable environment for birth in any setting, including a hospital.